Silly Putty

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Silly Putty
It's tempting to believe that "reality" is fixed. That what happens to us is just the way it is. I have a very different view. To me, reality is a story we tell ourselves. A story that helps explain the world around us. Change the story and reality changes with it. Reality is kind of like Silly Putty. You shape it the way you want. Then, slowly but surely, it deforms over time until you put more energy into reshaping it again. Let me give you an example. Let's imagine your reality is such that no matter what you do or try your system just isn't as resolving or as musical as you want it to be. I would suggest you can reshape that reality in any number of different ways: new equipment, new media, change of venue. We know resolving musical systems exist. What's to stop you from having the same? One view says we can't because of a long list of hurdles. The other view recognizes hurdles can be crossed if we are willing to put out the effort. What's holding you back?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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