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One of my goals in the theater project was to not see the speakers in the room. Why? I want to see the movie, not the speakers. I have never been a fan of walking into a cool looking theater and seeing, in the front, a center channel flanked by a left and right floor stander on either side of the screen. Just not what I would want in my home. Speakers in the theater should be heard, not seen. Movies are to see. I succeeded in this goal for 9.1 of the 11.1 speakers. For the rear channels I used Golden Ear Invisa 525 mounted on the rear wall. You can see what they look like in this photo. IMG_3249 Thier grills are painted and appear as small same-colored discs on either side of the gear door. You just never see them. The two speakers I could not bring myself to put in the wall are the side surround speakers. These turn out to be quite important and here I wanted to match the ribbons of the BG Radias I have in the front, and behind the screen, of the theater. There simply are not many ribbon surround speakers that adhere to our old friend Tomlinson Holman's requirements (of Apt Holman fame), known to most people in recent decades by his more famous acronym THX. THX requires the drivers to be proud mounted on wall and pointing at angles away from the listener. For this task I turned to our old friend Bob Carver and his ribbon based Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Bi-Pole surround. These are a bit on the expensive side but worth every penny from what I hear. This is what they look like installed in the theater. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
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Paul McGowan

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