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I was reminded the other day of one of the best showman and personalities our industry has had: the late Harvey "gizmo" Rosenberg of New York Audio Labs.

Harvey helped make our industry fun. He placed a pair of Pampers diapers in his equipment just in case you lost it when you listened.

I remember one year his power amplifiers were plagued with reliability problems that were causing owners of the amps fits. Harvey managed to get the problems resolved but the stigma of blowing up amplifiers remained. To address the public relations issues of the amp deaths he staged something unique at CES.

When you walked into Harvey's room you saw Harvey, dressed in a Japanese Kimono, serving strawberry daiquiris to whomever wanted one. Then you noticed it - the blender Harvey was using to mix the drinks was powered with his amplifier - proving you couldn't blow it up.

I miss Harvey's spirit and the fun he brought to this industry. A good memory though.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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