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It's not often you get two posts from me in one day, but today is the last day at RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) and it seemed appropriate. We are quite pleased with our room, the sound, the attendance. Great show and thanks for those that come by to enjoy DirectStream, the new PerfectWave Power Amplifier, the Infinity IRS Betas, Sprout and Sprout Lounge, Ted Smith, Bascom King and Arnie Nudell. For those not in attendance, here's two shots of the room. First one is the IRS Beta setup. Betas Note the PerfectWave Power Amplifier on the floor next to the right speaker. This was its world premier, many folks surprised it is the very first PS Audio product to have a vacuum tube for its input. I blushed at the number of people who begged us to let them give a deposit to secure one of the first, so impressive the sound of this amplifier. For those interested, the release date of this power amplifier is March. We'll probably start a waiting list in January and no, we don't take deposits. It was really sweet and trusting of those that asked, but it isn't necessary. Congratulations to its designer, Bascom King. The next photo is Sprout Lounge. Sprout I spent most of my time in the big room with the Betas but I noticed an interesting pattern with Sprout Lounge. Visitors came in and never came out. No, it didn't consume them. But once inside, visitors simply stayed for a long, long time. In all the years of going to shows I've never witnessed this pattern before. It was easy to see why. Scott McGowan set this room up as if it were his living room; much of the furniture inside actually was from his living room. But the sound, oh my yes, the sound. Played on the GoldenEar Aon 3, or a pair of Audeze headphones, through either the turntable or Bluetooth from their phones, Sprout seduced everyone listening. The room got so crowded at times that poor Scott had to ask people to leave (nicely of course). I don't think he left the lounge more than once in the nine hours it was open. In fact, if you ever want to be party to someone's extreme passion, a joyous experience in and of itself, talk to Scott about Sprout. I've rarely seen anyone light up so quickly and with such fire as does Scott when speaking of Sprout. Now, if we could only bottle that for the marketing department. Thanks to everyone that attended, and welcome to those not yet visiting us.
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