Selling equipment

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Selling equipment
Most of us buy and sell a lot of equipment over a lifetime. It seems to be in our DNA to keep our gear up to date, to try out the latest greatest, to optimize everything about our system for the better. When it comes time to sell a piece of gear what do you do? There are dedicated websites like Audiogon. Some people go there but increasingly I hear complaints about them: the fees they charge, the number of dealers selling products outweighing the consumers, the proliferation of silly ads unrelated to audio, featured products are paid advertisements, and so on. There's also the old standby, eBay, which seems to suffer from many of the same issues as Audiogon. One has to wade through all the dealer come-ons to get down to actual people selling from person to person. Whatever happened to the good old online marketplace just between consumers? Many people in the US take advantage of trade-in programs like our own where we buy back used equipment at full retail, but this only works if you're interested in our products. Other manufacturers have their own trade-in programs as well. Then, there are the dealers. This is the avenue I once took advantage of "back in the day". Like buying a new car, you'd drive your older one in, negotiate your best deal, and leave the keys to the old buggy and drive off in your shiny new ride. While that model still works for cars, that's seemingly more and more limited with dealers as far as I can tell. Most people appear to have gravitated to online sites (though with grumbles) or deal directly with manufacturers. What's your experience with trade-ins? Do you use online sites, dealers, or manufacturers? If online, which is best and what are the problems? Are there alternatives I haven't covered?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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