See through music

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See through music

When you are watching a live show you can see the musicians and hear their individual instruments. The visuals add clarity to what you are hearing.

Listening on your stereo system loses that visual element but in exchange adds a proximity advantage. You are now closer to the musicians than you could have ever been at a live show.

Better than a front row seat.

This see-through music is one of the first qualities I look for in a high-end two-channel system. It's one of the more difficult challenges for a system and hard to achieve because rarely does setup have a big impact on the level of transparency. Instead, it's almost always a function of cables and electronics.

Speaker and seating positioning coupled with room conditions offer big benefits in tonal balance and the system's disappearing act, but when it comes to seeing through the music it's almost always in the equipment itself.

Case in point, the new DSMK2 DAC. Every time I turn the system on I am stunned at the transparency I hear. Going back to the MK1 immediately clouds the music (relative to what I am hearing on the MK2)—and the MK1 is no slouch! It's held its own as one of the most transparent DACs around.

So when the MK2 takes the music to this new level you know something special is going on.

I can't wait for you to experience what I and the Beta Testers are experiencing.

See-through music.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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