The rewards of difficulties

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Most mornings I get up and after my coffee I run or head to the gym and workout for 45 minutes. It's always a struggle and I battle with myself to hang in there and get 'er done. It's particularly difficult at the very beginning of the exercise and that's when I question myself most - and wonder why I do it.

I also go through the same process about midway through any design project we are on - when the going gets tough - I question if its worth it. Yet I always go back and finish it because I know it's an investment.

The 45 minutes of exercise I invest pays me back with 8 to 10 hours of energy I can use during the day.

A year long design project pays back the investment when thousands of like-minded people enjoy our products day in and day out.

When you struggle to get your system tweaked and just right that investment pays you back many fold in musical enjoyment.

Investing in those things that put a smile on our face over the long term are great investments for sure.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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