Retail therapy

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Retail therapy

Color me appreciative of learning a new lexicon of terms, chief among them Covid-fatigue, and retail therapy.

Laugh at my naivety if you will. Truth is, I don't get out very often and I never spend any time in social media haunts (and if we're starting a list, I am also fashion challenged).

But if I get antsy or a bit down I can for a brief moment elevate myself by buying something. And if I buy it on Amazon I get a second jolt of satisfaction when in the next few days the package arrives. Double your pleasure, double your fun.

What I buy doesn't much matter as long as it serves to further a project or make life a bit more efficient: an office chair seat cushion, a new higher-resolution webcam for all the Zoom meetings I have, a new music CD, an upgraded HDMI cable for better I2S, a new book, a desktop organizer, a car trash bag, the hard to find dental floss I prefer.

Whether it's a trinket, a new cable, a new DAC, some olives I might have missed, or the latest Octave release, I am just coming to grips with the idea that the few times a month I get the itch there's actually a name for it.

Retail therapy.

Who knew?

I am not alone.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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