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Relative better
Last night our Octave Records recording crew went live at a beautiful church venue here in Boulder. There we set up the Sonoma 8-track recorder, a Decca Tree microphone arrangement with DPA microphones, and recorded a spectacular string quartet. What a great experience and I can't wait to share with you the recording in a future Octave Records release. This particular recording will be on the upcoming Audiophile's Guide setup SACD. What caught my attention for the subject of today's post was the little introductory speech I gave to the ladies before they began to play. Our producer, Giselle Collazo, asked me to brief them on what we were hoping to achieve with this recording. Soon I found myself explaining who audiophiles were and what makes us different than someone with a Sonos speaker or a Bose radio. Their blank stares were really telling. Our world of high-end audio is so far removed from what people consider good home music reproduction as to be mind-boggling. I wish I could have invited these musicians over to PS Audio after the session and play for them their recording in Music Room Two. They would have been quickly brought up to speed of what's possible in our world. But, alas, the pandemic… Better is always a relative measure. Sometimes it is so far removed from what most consider normal as to be remarkable.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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