Pushing the limits

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We're a cutting edge company. We like to think we're continually pushing the limits of technology. But in a sober moment, I wonder what are the limits?

If you had asked me that question when we first launched the PerfectWave Transport, or the DAC, I would have told you we had reached the limits of the possible. In hindsight and with the launch of DirectStream and its associated products, I recognize that imaginary limit fell quickly by the wayside.

And if you ask me the same question today, I'd reply with the same answer. DirectStream bumps up against the limits of the possible, certainly the practical. DACs and transports today can deliver dynamics covering the pressure differential of a single molecule against the eardrum, to standing next to a 747 engine at full throttle. What more could we possibly hope to achieve?

And yet we manage to achieve more: greater levels of musicality and realism on a near daily basis.

Limitations are self imposed, they do not actually exist.

Perhaps it's our horizons that need to be expanded instead.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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