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Of all the qualities a stereo has to offer, punch—that impactful visceral feel to the music—is one of the keys so often missing in systems.

I remember years ago, when I was in love with the speed, transparency, and see-through-quality of planars and electrostats like Magneplanar, Acoustats, and Martin Logans. They were wonderful in areas they excelled in, but woefully lacking in punch and dynamics.

This lack of two key performance elements in my high-end systems is what eventually drove me to Infinitys and later our Aspen line of loudspeakers. Both have not only the missing elements—punch and dynamics—but because they both incorporate planar drivers my original lust for speed, transparency, and see-through-quality are also satiated.

Back to punch.

If your system lacks punch you can fix that without upgrading your speakers. Punch is available as an add on by incorporating our old friend the subwoofer.

Add a sub, start punching above your weight.

A subwoofer won't help with dynamics, but punch? 

It can be a real knock out.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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