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PS update

Is it just me or has this been the shortest summer on record? I know it's hot everywhere but suddenly I find tomorrow becoming August and not long after it turns to fall, then Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, then a chance for snow. Yikes!

I thought you'd enjoy a bit of an update on a few things. Mostly the new building. Work has been progressing steadily and it looks like we'll be moved into the new digs by Labor Day. That is everything but our Music Room. As you may or may not know we are planning on building three new music rooms: one to house the Infinity IRSV system now occupying Music Room One. It'll be close to the same size as our current music room with an added foot to its width and no alcove for equipment. Music Room Two will be the largest and will house Arnie Nudell's prototype system he dubbed "The IRS Killer" at one end of the long rectangular room and, at the other end, will be the stage for our new line of loudspeakers based on Arnie's life's work. There, we'll design and voice the new speakers using the same setup as powers Arnie's prototype. In this way we can simply swivel in our chairs and compare the sound of the proto to what we have in the new speaker. Music Room Three will be based on our Stellar Stack with the new AN3 4-way speaker to demonstrate what magic an affordable line of all PS products can bring to your home.

The new Gus Skinnas recording and mastering studio is also nearing completion. This will be a state of the art facility where Gus can master and remaster some of the world's greatest recordings, new and vintage. It'll also double as a recording studio with an all analog PS chain feeding the world's only 24-track Sonoma DSD recorder. We plan to make some killer recordings to help keep standards high and make sure there's a steady flow of uncompressed well-recorded music for our high-end systems.

Lastly, the only downside is timing on the music rooms. Between architects, builders, and bureaucrats, these will not be finished until November. Yikes. In the meantime we'll be scrambling to keep our reference system alive in some capacity, though it may not be the IRSV until the grand opening.

More news when it becomes available.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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