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Apple's blowing it. They've lost their direction and it shows.

Even as a diehard fan and user the new iPad Air (just announced) is boring. Slimmer, faster less weight. Who cares? It was slim fast and light to begin with. I am not going to buy a new one because what was already good just got better. Come on, show me something I haven't yet imagined. Tim Cook is no doubt a great manager but he seems to lack passion. Perhaps he doesn't know where to find it. Worse, perhaps he doesn't even know he needs it.

Products that matter are designed by people with passion; and passion not just for the hardware, but passion about the whole package.

My son Scott has been designing and dreaming up the next great product from PS. It is going to be a miracle. Not technologically exciting, no performance barriers blown away, but oh how you will love what you see. He's poured his heart into this product. It exudes everything he's been dreaming about for years. Not one person looking at the prototype doesn't immediately want it.

It's not even a new category. But there's nothing like it in the world. Nothing has the love, the passion, the life the energy that this product does. It's called Sprout. You will want to own Sprout. You can't even see it until next summer. I won't tell you what it is.

It doesn't matter.

What matters is the passion. The life. It lives.

Too bad Apple doesn't get it. It wouldn't be hard.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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