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Podcast is a linguistic blend of two words: iPod and broadcast. It was first coined by British technologist Ben Hammersley and it's since become somewhat of a household name in the same way tissues became Kleenex. I have found myself rather addicted to these informative and entertaining means of consuming words. My favorites are NPR's How I Built This and the Ted Radio Hour, Reed Hoffman's Masters of Scale, Seth Godin's Akimbo, and Walter Isaacson's Trail Blazers. Each of these podcasts brings me fresh insight and provokes new ideas, and new ways of viewing the world. And now it's my turn. Though nowhere as grand and produced as these aforementioned masterpieces, Ohm's Law, the name of my podcast, is sometimes the audio from my YouTube Videos. Other times I craft original thoughts and comments. And still other episodes are the occasional interview with designers, musicians, and industry icons. You just never know. This morning I present a full interview with mastering guru Bernie Grundman. Bernie's mastered some of the greatest names in music: Carol King, Miles Davis, and Michael Jackson, to name just a few. What I adore about Bernie is his passion for good sound. He explains how and why digital sounds the way it does, as well as covers the foibles and issues with vinyl too, like what he had to do with Norah Jone's album for good sound. It's valuable insight and an episode you don't want to miss. If you're into podcasts, or new to them, I would ask a favor. Subscribe and leave a review or even a star rating. If enough people do this the podcast rises to greater visibility (from amongst the thousands) and we can get the word about high-end audio out to more people, something I am quite passionate about. Thanks. I appreciate your help.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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