Personality of vinyl

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Hard to imagine that a piece of plastic has a personality but if you play vinyl records, each is an individual separate and distinct from all others.

Vinyl personalities depend on the pressing, the number of times its been played, the environment, the particulars of the stylus plying the grooves of the record and any number of unique circumstances of play and usage.

The individual personalities of vinyl add a unique dimension to this analog medium - but the personality traits are not usually beneficial to the sound quality as the individualism results from the copy degrading. Unlike fine wine, vinyl does not get better with age.

It's interesting to note that a vinyl collection is unique in all the world and a stored digital collection is not.

When I realized this my first reaction was a feeling of loss - I love the idea of possessing unique things - but then it occurred to me thatwhile imperfection is unique it isn't always desirable.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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