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Our home stereo systems are one of a kind. We craft them together based on reviews, evaluations, word of mouth, discussion forum comments, and dealer advice. They are personal creations.

These hand-crafted systems are kind of like craft beer: Individually brewed with our own personal recipes. Each of us is anxious, perhaps a little nervous, to share our home-brews with visitors and friends. Risky business, that sharing. It opens us to either criticism or accolades.

But isn't this the core of what we do? Isn't the fact that each of our systems individually assembled that separates us from Best Buy customers?

I think the idea of a personalized high-end audio system is a unique treasure in this world that strives for conformity.

Take a look at your own system. It's a personal creation. One I trust you're proud of.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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