Paul's finally lost it

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Paul's finally lost it
We could all see it coming. A screw loose here, a rattle in the old brain cage, a distant look in my eyes. Yup. Lost it. When Octave Record's executive producer, Jessica Carson, and I were plotting out some new releases one of the ones I was most excited about will be the first in a new series called The Art of HiFi. The first release will be all about bass. And oh my, this is a must have for anyone that likes bass. Like me. Once decided I knew it was time to add subwoofers in the Octave mixroom. There is some seriously low frequency material recorded at DSD256 and I don't want to miss one Hertz of it. The FR30s we use for monitors have amazing bass extending into the mid-20Hz region but, for those of you that know me, that's just not the proverbial DC to light I am looking for. To properly mix this new release I need subs that are not worried about the room and loaf along producing subsonic with ease. And, they have to be sonically invisible. A tall order. After hearing Darren Myer's dual nearfield 18" sealed woofers I was smitten. I went to our guru, Chris Brunhaver, and asked what he would recommend. The look on Chris' face was confusing. It was either one of pure evil or glee. I couldn't tell which. Chris insisted I go all out. Dual 21" low distortion pro subs housed in slender cabinets that are nearly my height—each cabinet weighing in at 150 pounds without the woofer (and the woofer's just about 80 pounds itself). These beasts will sit directly across from the mix table where I sit, one pointed right at each ear. Nearfield subwoofers are not bothered by the room. Once tuned via DSP and powered by a 1,200 watt amplifier, these bad boys will sonically disappear, and it will appear as if the FR30s just got an extra octave of lower bass response well below the limits of human hearing but not the limits of human feeling—gut thumping. Yup, I've lost it. I couldn't be more excited. I made a short little video showing the cabinets just before we finished them. You can watch it here.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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