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One of my readers, Blaine, forwarded me this wonderfully funny example of expressing visually the differences we imagine we hear.

Good for a morning’s laugh. However, it did spark a few questions.

When we make a recording, that master copy is in our minds the standard by which all else is judged. Right? Any deviation from that original standard and we can agree it’s no longer original.

But is the original the best?

What of a vinyl version?

What of remastered higher resolution versions of an original? (I can say without hesitation the remastered higher resolution Octave releases sound noticeably better than the original DSD64 versions)

Is it possible we can make better that which we refer to as the original?

Is it possible an altered version is better than we started with?

Can a remastered and enhanced copy of the original sound better to us?

In some ways, originals are overrated.

Just ask Leonardo.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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