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A number of you correctly pointed out I incorrectly called Michael Fremer a Vinylphobe instead of a Vinylphile - nice McGowan! Sorry about that Michael, I would guess most of you know Michael's not terrified by vinyl!

So what is it about people that makes us want to turn the volume up on anything we hear that we like? Is that your experience as well? If I am in the car or the listening room and listening to music and a track comes on I love, I naturally turn the volume up a little louder - it's something I have always done and something I notice people doing all the time - sort of like an impulsive move.

This happens even if the volume level was perfect for the room and the system and the piece. Odd.

In the same way I have noticed people will always choose the louder of two pieces of equipment as better. Loudness has a lot to do with our perception of better and I am sure someone has figured out why.

'Tis a mystery to me.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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