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When I started the theater project I had intended just a 7.1 surround system. After all, 80% of movies are recorded with the standard 5.1 system, the balance at 7.1, so why go to something exotic? The answer is simple. I, like many of my readers, am obsessive. Not all of us own up to being such, but I am finally at peace with it. Enjoying it actually. So what does obsessive look like? Dolby Atmos; instead of 5.1 or 7.1, we now have to have 11.1. A speaker and amp manufacturer's best dreams come true. But what of it? Where do these extra speakers go? In the ceiling for height affects. And the number of films with these heigh effects are... nearly none. Maybe some day. Obsessive. Ok, the Marantz prepro I bought, the 8802, has the ability to synthesize them if you want to drop another $350 for a software upgrade; which I did. Obsessive. And I have now heard these ceiling speakers in use perhaps twice in the ten or so movies I have watched since the theater went in. For the task of adding speakers to the ceiling, I turned to Sandy Gross and he recommended the Golden Ear Invista HTR 7000. These gems are cool. In wall speakers that can be aimed at the listener and have the ability to play full range. Something I like very much. To install these bad boys, my designer, Robert, went to some great lengths at making special boxes between the ceiling joists. Here's what he did to get these installed. Note how the 'walls' he created for each of the speakers are angled? This is an attempt to rid the box of any parallel surfaces. Of course, you can't get them all out, but this is a noble attempt at perfection. Or is it obsession? Ceiling-1 Ceiling-2 Ceiling-3
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Paul McGowan

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