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What a wonderful thing to be obsessed with something. At one time in my life I mentally heckled those that were obsessed. I remember one of the pals who lived down the street from me, Mike Meyer. Mike was obsessed with a 1953 MG sports car he got for his 16th birthday. The car was in poor condition when he got it, a gift from his equally obsessive father Stan, and over the next few years I knew him he did nothing but work on that car. I felt rather superior to Mike at that time. While he labored and obsessed over his car, I was out in the wilds of Anaheim causing trouble, starting a photography business (that lasted maybe a month), writing a novel (I got about 10 pages done), trying to get laid in high school (never happened), having fun (happened). I was not obsessed, not 'shackled' to some project. Over the years I have come to appreciate those obsessed souls. Perhaps because I found several obsessions of my own. But more likely because I came to understand that passion for anything is a rare commodity. Too many of us go through life like zombies, showing up to work, our homes, and never finding passion in a hobby, a pastime, a book, a stereo system. For my money, give me those that have a fire in their bellies for life, who single mindedly go after something they love. Want a good example of a passionate, obsessive person? Zero Freitas, a 62 years old man from Brazil is attempting to purchase every vinyl record on the planet. Seriously. Here's his story. Go man!
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