Not quite Hollywood

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Not quite Hollywood
I was rummaging through some notes and discovered today was an anniversary of sorts. Ten years ago we released PS Audio first, and only, epic film in 5.1 surround sound, from Coal to Coltrane. I think we might have a few copies of the DVD hanging around if you're interested (and even have a DVD player to play it on). Most people watch it on YouTube, though the surround sound I worked so hard on at the time isn't there. Coal to Coltrane was supposed to be the first in a series of films explaining electricity, stereo, and whatever topics were of interest to audiophiles. After nearly 6 months of hard work, we launched Coal to Coltrane. I had no idea just how much work went into making a movie and thus, this was the one and only ever made. I am currently tackling the same ideas of helping people understand the world we live in, but instead of movies, it'll be in the form of a series of books. Turns out for me, books are a hell of a lot easier to write than movies like C to C are to make. If you've not yet seen it—and have an hour to kill—it might be fun viewing on YouTube.
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