No added sugar

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No added sugar

When you see some sort of packaged cereal or food with the marketing pitch of no added this or that, what's your first thought?

If you're like me, it feels as if this has less of something I don't want. It's safer. Of course, that's likely nonsense. A candy cane with no added sugar means it simply is following the standard recipe.

This all comes down to purity. And the question we might want to ask is the nature of that feature. After all, who wants pure garbage?

In HiFi we want to get as close to the live event as possible—and by "live" I mean the original source of that music, whether it was a live performance captured on old magnetic tape or the latest studio recording in DSD256.

Most of us don't want something sweeter. We just want what's on the disc.


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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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