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News cycles
The word "news" is defined as newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events. We can get news from our family, neighbors, papers, radio, or on the streetcorner from passersby. Much of the news we get from the media is about bad things happening, but on occasion, we'll read about a new breakthrough or something positive. News from our industry can be negative—like someone's passing or the demise of a company—but in general, news from the HiFi sector is about innovations, products, new music, or people changes. One piece of news I would love to share with you is quite positive. Our online magazine, Copper, has a new editor and I could not be more pleased. Nor, I suspect, will you. Our new editor is Frank Doris, once the kingpin of the Absolute Sound Magazine. In the early days of PS Audio, and even during the years I spent at Genesis with Arnie Nudell, there was nothing more coveted than a review from TAS editor and publisher, Harry Pearson (or HP as he was known). And to get access to HP, one had to go through Frank Doris. Frank was the coordinator, the setup guy, the handle everything guy for HP. It was Frank we called to work with TAS, and it was Frank who made sure the gear was set up properly and that HP could strut into one of his many listening rooms and be assured what was on tap for review was at its best and ready to listen to. To say Frank knows how to set up a system and make it sing is an understatement. Frank's career began as a writer for TAS in 1984 and later as an editor. He's also written for The Tracking Angle (now Analog Planet), Home Theater, Cineluxe, and Sound & Vision among others. And, Frank's a musician and an audiophile. I can't think of a better person to inject new energy into our publication of music, Hi-Fi, and all the good things in life our community would enjoy. In future issues, look forward to a wealth of new articles you'll not find anywhere else. And Copper will remain ad-free, and dedicated to serving our Hi-Fi Family. Welcome Frank to the Hi-Fi Family and Copper magazine.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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