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Every now and then we get a chance to have something extraordinary happen in our listening rooms. The introduction of the DirectStream DAC and the BHK amplifier are certainly good examples in my life. But recently there has been another and I was excited to share. The story is long and these posts should remain short so I will tell it briefly. The Infinity IRSV in Music Room One are thirty plus years old loudspeakers and in need of rebuilding. Over the time I have owned them I have replaced the drivers and a few capacitors in the crossover. I had yet to really tackle a major system overhaul until Chief Engineer Bob Stadtherr stepped up to the plate. Bob's been working with a few of our customers in his spare time, helping them customize their equipment. It's how he chooses to spend his weekends, running a small customizing business for audio tweaks. There aren't many weekends in a month so I was delighted when I saw his excitement to tackle rebuilding one of the major systems in the IRSV, the crossover. Soon after he committed to redesigning this critical element of the system, other IRSV owners wanted in as well and now he's building many. I have the first. I am excited about this update to the speakers. I have posted a long and informative article with pictures on this project on our forums. You can read about it here.
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Paul McGowan

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