Necessary evil

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Necessary evil

When I plant my garden there will inevitably be weeds—necessary evils of vine-ripened veggies.

Similarly, when I set up a stereo system based on separates, cables become my necessary evil. They'll never make things better—an endless source of compromise and patchwork Band Aids.

The trick to dealing with these inevitable hindrances is a mindset change where they become more consequence than evil: the end result of building complex systems.

For example, I can view the need for acoustic room treatments as a natural consequence of wanting great sound or a necessary evil of playing a stereo speaker pair in a non-perfect room.

Thinking of problems as either natural consequences to be solved or evils to be expunged may be little more than semantic debate but, for me, it changes my outlook.

Consequences are easier to deal with than attempting to eradicate evil.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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