Musical notes

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Musical notes
*A quick reminder that this morning at 11 AM MST we'll host our first live webinar which you can watch on YouTube or join us on Zoom by clicking on this link. The Zoom Room is limited to 500 participants so first come first serve. You can join the meeting at 10:55 AM. If you look at a musical score you see the notes dictating the melody. You also see the intonation instructions: where to slow down, speed up, get louder or softer. Fortunately, only the notes themselves are inviolate. Conductors and performers have the freedom to interpret timing and dynamics. How boring it would be if every musician strived to be the same. The open interpretation of music—any music—is what keeps what we love most alive and forever fresh. Music is fluid and every performer adds his or her voice to the mix. Just like every audio system sounds different, every musician colors their performance to match their world view. The notes of a score may define the melody in the same way our equipment fixes the signal's outcome, but it is up to the individual performer to add their touch of color to the end product.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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