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Coming up in less than a few weeks is the annual Munich High End show in Munich Germany. Scott McGowan and I will be attending the show and playing both DirectStream as well as Sprout on the beautiful Raidho 4.1 (or 3.1 if not) which we're pretty excited about. We attended last year's show and while there I shot a video of the many booths and cool new stuff I found. The video has been viewed by nearly 30,000 people so I guess folks were interested. I am planning on shooting a new one and was hopeful you might drop me a note if there's anything you'd like included. I won't have a ton of time to play in the show but I'd be happy to include any products or people you ask for, time allowing. For me, as you probably guessed, these shows are like putting a kid in a candy store. I love them! I figure it this way: many reading this post will not be able to attend and want to. Heck, it's definitely the coolest show on the planet. So if I can be your eyes and ears and bring home a view of it for you, let me know. I'll take the list of scenes you want and do my best to deliver. Now I unfortunately cannot help with the lack of fresh, Munich beer to share, but I'll be happy to drink your share for you. :)
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