Moving lines

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Moving lines

As we’re growing up it’s our job as children to test limits. How far can I go before my fingers get burned or I get caught?

As a parent, I was greatly pleased (as well as amused) watching my four sons stretching their boundaries. I would often give them at least two shots at upping their game before I would draw the proverbial line in the sand. While one doesn’t want to stymie their growth, there needs to be some sort of guidelines for them to grow with.

Once the line in the sand had been drawn they’d inevitably ask me what would happen if they crossed over and my answer was always the same.

“I think you should cross it and find out.” The threat seemed enough for them to never challenge it.

(Truth was, I had no clue what punishment I would inflict.)

I think that as we grow older we tend to move our lines in the sand to better fit our experience and knowledge.

How many times have I declared I would never consider doing something like giving up the clarity of the electrostat, listening through high-end headphones, or moving from vinyl to digital?

Our boundaries are all made up. They help us tell our story.

They are not always so easy to move but knowing they are self-imposed helps.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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