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I have always wanted to offer complete systems: speakers, cables, amps, preamps, room tuning etc. One set systems designed to work together perfectly, available at multiple price points to fit every budget. But we've never even seriously considered it.

I was chatting this idea up to a friend of mine recently who pointed out that people like us prefer to mix and match: choose their own speakers, pair them up with their own electronics, tune their rooms with their own ideas.

I have always wondered how much we really like this and how much we do this out of necessity. There are no complete systems from any manufacturer I would choose to populate my room with.

Some dealers used to offer complete systems years ago - and this was a great idea and a great service. Hand picked, voiced and blessed by someone who really knows what they're doing - then setup perfectly in the home. Wonderful idea for those of us who just want a great music system in their home.

Maybe it's just me?

Heck, I am the guy who also thinks there's a great business model in selling trained dogs. You pick out the puppy you want, sent it off to this fellow and in three months the pup comes back perfectly mannered and trained. Now that's something I'd buy.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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