Mistakes and all

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Mistakes and all

One of the joys of live recording and performing are all the mistakes and recoveries. They bring life to the stage.

When an artist comes to record at Octave Record's studio, there's this constant back and forth editing, punch ins, and multiple takes required to get everything just right: perfect playing and singing, memorialized for all time.

Even if the prior take had more musical life to it, time and again the more perfect take gets the nod.

I find the same thing when I am writing. Working on new books in the Eemian's series, I start by stream of consciousness writing, then spend hours editing that spew into something worthwhile. Sometimes it turns out great. Other times, the act of editing can suck the life out of the story.

When you're speaking live in public or playing live music, there's no chance for the edit.

Mistakes and all.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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