Mikey Fremer And Distortion

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Mikey Fremer And Distortion

In one of my Ask Paul videos, I was asked about distortion in vinyl. My reply was, well, probably worth watching the video to see, but more importantly, in that video, I mentioned the fact that Stereophile reviewer, Michael Fremer, listened to vinyl captured digitally when he was out on the road.

I had also mentioned that it is a mystery to me how digitally captured vinyl sounds nearly identical to the original vinyl reproduction.

These comments sent shockwave ripples from Colorado all the way to New Jersey where Michael lives.

Mike’s a great guy—an industry treasure.

When he asked for time on our YouTube channel to offer his side of the story…I couldn’t resist.

Here’s the video of Michael Fremer’s reaction to my video post on vinyl distortion.

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Founder & CEO

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