Making sausage

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Making sausage
I never want to see how a sausage is made, and not just because I am a vegetarian. There are wonderful plant-based sausages now available. No, it's not what goes inside but rather it's the shattering of illusion. When we see a finished product we see the perfection of a completed work. When we see it go together it's hard to imagine the end result—like trying to visualize Michelangelo's David by staring at a crude block of marble. In our factory, stacks of chassis line the warehouse shelves along with rows of circuit boards, crates of power transformers, boxes of screws, bins of rubber feet. To me it's the clay we mold products from. To most onlookers it's a mess waiting to find form. It's fascinating how the bits and pieces go together to form something of beauty: a functioning whole that is useless until it's assembled—like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Tours of our facility are welcome daily occurrences. And while you can marvel at the sound quality in Music Room One, know that it is the result of finished products. If you come to visit don't be too surprised to see the sausages made in the back.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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