Magical moments

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Magical moments

Summers are a delight in Colorado. They are warm and dry with a fluff of white clouds floating against the deep blue sky. 

Got home from PS Audio at about 6PM a day or two ago. 89˚ with a light breeze. Heaven. Terri and I donned our bike helmets and headed upriver along the Boulder Creek bike path passing runners, walkers, fishermen, and daydreamers. 

Early season warm temperatures melt the snows high up on the hills and peaks causing the creek to swell and roar with cascading white water which, of course, attracts a gaggle of brave kayakers who ride that roller coaster. 

As we headed back downstream we managed to luck out. A group of kayakers set out at exactly the same time as did we and, for a good half mile of trail, we matched their speed. We were treated to an amazing spectacle as we wound our way down the bike path following the boaters.

Between the warm evening, the intoxicating perfume of newly blossomed flowers along the creek banks, and the entertainment, we found magic.

What struck me about that ride was the reminder that there's magic all around us if we're willing to step out of our comfort zones and routines. Fleeting moments waiting to be enjoyed. 

Whether it's that new piece of kit you've been thinking about, that new release of an artist's album, or just having that perfect unexpected moment, magic is there for the taking.

Sometimes, you just have to pinch yourself to remember it's real.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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