Luxury or necessity?

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Ken Kessler writes in an article published in PS Tracksthat he considers high-end audio a luxury. His reasoning is simple: we don't need it, therefore it is not a basic necessity but a luxury. I have been thinking about that and I disagree. For many of us music is a necessary part of our lives - one that helps center us and keeps us sane -rejuvenatesour spirit and uplifts our souls. If mental well being and spirit are considered then we could say music is not a luxury but fulfills a basic need. And if we further extend the fulfillment of that basic need to include the ability to emotionally connect over long term listening then, for many of us, music rendered properly in our environments fulfills a basic need. Life isn't always about eating, sleeping and working. Nourishing our inner beings can be every bit as important. If we can't afford musicians playing live in our homes - then high-end audio is a basic necessity for many of us.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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