Lo-Fi, Mid-Fi, Hi-Fi

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Lo-Fi, Mid-Fi, Hi-Fi

In a recent review of the Octave Record's release of The Art Of Hi Fi, Soundstage by Ken Kessler, he scratched his head as to why we never seem to hyphenate the word HiFi.

Apparently, HiFi should be Hi-Fi. Not being an expert on the written word and unclear if this is simply a British thing or an accepted English thing I will defer to my friend, Ken.

That said, it did get me to thinking about the various levels in our shared passion. As the title of today's post suggests, there are three levels of fidelity ranging from low to high.

Though I assume each of our systems would qualify as High Fidelity, one might want to know where that line is drawn and who's to decide?

I assume we can all agree music playing on our cellphone or laptop's built in speakers is pretty low fidelity. But from there the playing field gets pretty murky.

My Amazon Alexa is definitely low fidelity, but my Sonos? I am throwing it into the midlevel category.

Drawing a line can be difficult.

But when you hear true high fidelity reproduction, there's no question where that lands.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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