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Today the extra RAM for my music server arrives and is ready for the install. My initial impulse is to just grab the server and install it, expecting to go back into the music room and be amazed. I am not going to do that.

No, instead I will take the more boring and patience trying path of going one step at a time. For an impulsive person like myself, this is a very difficult path to follow. Over the years I have spent too much time backtracking to allow myself the luxury of just dropping the new tweak in and auditioning.

Here's the thing: I really don't know how adding more RAM is going to affect the performance, if at all. Is the mere fact of adding it, thus giving the server some breathing room to do its tasks, what will make the difference? Or will it be assigning more of this RAM to the output music buffer of the server? Or both?

In order to move forward and make some good decisions, that we won't regret later, it's important that we take our time and evaluate each step of the way.

I routinely advise people to do this, but the advice is rarely taken. Heck, I rarely follow it myself! As soon as I get a new cable or a new this or that, am! It's in the system and being evaluated almost instantly. But here's what I tried hard not to do: make more than one change at a time. That's where it gets important because it's far harder to backtrack than it is to take your time.

One step forward is a lot easier than several steps backwards.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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