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Lifestyle stereo

When it comes to accelerating from 0-60 my electric car will whoop the pants off nearly every slick looking, fire breathing, gasoline "sports" car made.

It just doesn't look like it will.

We're all to some degree invested in how things look and make us feel.

And how something makes us feel is the point of this rant. Would you be as happy with a single box integrated amplifier that would sonically whoop the pants off your stack of separates?


I am asking because it occurs me to that many of us, including me, really dig the way separates look and the flexibility they offer. We like the ability to mix and match and build a system with the blocks of our choice.

An integrated or, horrors, a beautifully built self powered loudspeaker simply doesn't look like it is ready for battle.

One side of me is enamored with the dream of elegant simplicity while the other side of me is running away screaming.

One quick side note. While at a friend's house for dinner the other night we got to talking about cars. He's a car guy and I am not. His pride and joy is a fancy looking, expensive, older Porche. When I asked him why he clung on to the gas guzzling beast when he could step up to a much better performing electric vehicle he smiled at me and said something interesting about why that's not an option.

"Because it looks cool."

'Nuf said.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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