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Reading this month's crop of audio magazines I get immersed in the articles and ads. I suppose most of us do as well. I find that when I run across an ad or an article on a new piece of high-end gear, the first question that always comes to mind "is this legit?" I suppose what I am asking is if it qualifies as true high-end audio? And, what exactly does "true high-end audio" mean? I guess one could say a $10 Wal Mart surge protected strip is not a high-end power conditioner. But then there's a high-end company selling the very same extension strip with a fancy power cable for a lot of money. Legit? I guess we could say a mass market table radio isn't high-end, but then there's high-end table radio's out there as well. Legit? What makes some products high-end while others aren't? Is it the way they perform or sound? Or is it the perceived image they project? What are the rules for classification as high-end? Interesting questions and ones we need to ponder. BTW, I mentioned yesterday that we'd get a PWD firmware update page together and that's now finished and available here. The update's free. Have fun.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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