Is bigger better?

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Is bigger better?

A hat that is bigger than your head hasn't a lot of value.

An amplifier or Power Plant bigger than you need has a lot of sonic value.

Is bigger always better?

We know from years of experience that power supplies bigger by a magnitude than they need has a remarkable impact on the fulness of the music—which brings us to the core of the question: is bigger better or is meeting the minimums starving the circuit?

It's a question I have been noodling on for decades. And my best guess is that what we believe to be adequate—meeting the minimum requirements—is starvation. That what we think of as the minimal acceptable levels is quite simply incorrect.

It's why having too much food at your dinner party is likely a better strategy than sending guests home hungry.

A little overkill works better than meeting minimums.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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