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Before I get to confusing everyone on cables—long vs. short, I thought I'd make a comment and a small pitch. Many of you are such kind people. You often encourage me about keeping up with this daily blog. And it is quite a commitment. Others, no less kind, rib me about how it's possible that over the last three and a half years I've never missed a day. I admit it can be challenging. I am honored you take the time to read my verbal droolings. But, wait. There's more. If writing a daily blog wasn't enough, I've managed to start another one and have made the same daily commitment. Insane, right? I am passionate about the environment and worried about the future of our planet. No, I am not going to lecture or get political. What I have done instead is write a novel. It's a thriller, actually, and one the few readers I have shared it with have been hungry for more. It won't publish for another year, though you can read the first 12 chapters online if you wish. In the meantime, I am writing a daily post about the subject, the novel, and so on. As in this blog, I try and keep it light, non-political; often humorous. It's called Paul's World. Much of it revolves around my personal life—and a warning—there's absolutely nothing about stereos in it. But I hope it's still worth a quick read in the morning and who knows, maybe it'll help in its own small way. So far I have about 6 people signed up for it—and 4 are family. Thank goodness for family. I'd love to have a few more readers. Readers seem to make the life of a writer better. You can sign up here. You can take a peek here. You can read the first 12 chapters here. Or, you can learn about the upcoming novel here. Thanks for indulging me. Feedback's always appreciated. Tomorrow, cables.
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