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In the moment
When Copper Magazine cover artist Bob DAmico forwarded me a video of Le Petit Chef I watched with utter fascination. What I found riveting was not just the brilliance of the husband and wife team of Filip and Birgit Sterckx, along with fellow Belgium Antoon Verbeeck, but how in the moment I felt. Though this video dates back nearly five years ago, before the pandemic, it seems prescient. At a time in our history when close seating at a crowded restaurant may be only a distant memory, for me, this brilliant idea flipped the whole dining experience conundrum on its head. In a good way. And no, this is not a post about restaurants or new dining experiences. It's a post about being in the moment or, as Guru Ram Das might once have said, Be Here Now. When we're in the moment it's important to shift our focus not on the past—waiting for things to return as they were while inwardly fearing it's too late for that (it is)—but to readjust ourselves to take advantage of what we have to work with today. Yes, the world's a little off its collective rocker right now. There's no denying it. As I read our forums and reach out to folks invested deeply in the music, I am so proud of our HiFi Family. What an amazing time this is. *If you enjoyed that video, check out these from the same creatives: Bouillabaisse Dessert Lobster Rice Pudding Cocktail Factory
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