Ignoring the obvious

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Ignoring the obvious
At first glance, it is not clear to us why an oversized power supply sounds better, or one cable sonically outperforms another. This is because not everything is obvious. It helps to take some things on faith (at least for the briefest of moments). Faith for most of us comes only with great difficulty. We first want proof before we'll let in an idea or a concept that ignores the obvious. What would happen if we allowed ourselves a touch of faith? How many of us could let down our guard long enough to try on that new piece of clothing we're certain won't look good? Those of us more willing to experiment with the new are labeled as adventurous. Our counterparts identify as reserved our cautious. Perhaps it would be easier if instead of using the term faith we choose something a little less challenging. Like the ability to ignore the obvious if just for long enough to see if it is a good fit.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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