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If you have a moment
Our good friend and former editor of Copper, Bill Leebens, is facing some hard times at the moment. Bill's looking at some expensive surgery for which he does not have the funds to cover the costs. If you know Bill or would like to help out, a donation link through Facebook (yeah, I'm not a Facebook person either) has been set up here. Thanks for anything you can do. As for audio related stuff, how many of us have had the notion to get our money's worth when it comes to subwoofer performance? I know I've felt the urge. When REL's John Hunter upgraded my home theater's subwoofer from a smaller 10" to a massive 15" version, the first thing I did was crank up the Kevin Bacon movie, Termors to laugh again as Val and Earl fight giant earthworms. Aside from the fact the movie's a crack up, I was of course hopeful the new sub would rattle my cage and shake my booty. It did, and then some. But when the fun's over and the excitement of the new has worn off, it's time to put that subwoofer in its place—where we don't hear it as a separate entity, but rather as it should be: integrated seamlessly with the main system. Got to make sure those giant earthworms sound real.
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