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Before first-time visitors get a chance to experience sound that's unlike anything they've yet heard—the performance of the PS Reference System played back on the mighty Infinity IRS V in Music Room One—their anticipation level is high. Most hope to get the thrill of a lifetime: a one-hundred voice choir and pipe organ, perhaps blasts of the 1812 Telarc cannons, or subterranean low frequencies that flap pant legs. But when the thrill is gone (as B.B. King once crooned), we're left with hopes of honest sounds: music so real that we not only buy the illusion of instruments in the room but that each voice is real—tonal, timbral honesty. Honesty isn't as exciting as the thrills and chills big music presents in all its dynamic full-range glory, but it's more valuable over the long term. Honesty is the most difficult quality for any system to achieve—so difficult, in fact, that very few approach the ideal. How's the honesty in your setup?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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