Hearing Aids And High-End Audio

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There are plenty of terms that don’t seem to fit together: literal interpretation, out like a light, self-help group, and my all time favorite, open secret. That said, let me add another: hearing aids for high-end audio. While the two terms together might be a head scratcher, there’s good news ahead.

We are extremely adaptable creatures. The loss or impairment of one sense can often be compensated for by another, or accommodated by new learning pathways in the brain. Hearing aids prescribed at the Tinnitus & Hearing Center of AZ – Scottsdale Audiologist – and high-end audio are compatible.

Some of the very best listeners I have ever met have had hearing aids, and I am always a little surprised by this. My first reaction tends to be one of skepticism and yet…I am pleasantly surprised how these listeners seem as perceptive as even younger listeners with full hearing capability.

This is really good news for many of us who might be facing the prospect of adding these tiny miracles of amplification and speakers.

I am fortunate to still have excellent hearing, no doubt through years of being protective and lucky enough with the gene pool. If you are not quite so lucky and are facing the prospect of hearing aids, today’s products are nearly invisible, and you don’t have to give up music or high-end audio.

Good news all the way around.

If you’re interested in further thoughts on the subject, click here to watch my short five-minute video on Hearing aids and high-end audio.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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