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Thanks for all the kind requests to be beta testers for LANRover. We've filled our limit and beta testing will begin next week. Everyone in the US that asked to be on the list was sent an invite, then it was first come first serve to finalize the process. If you didn't get in, my apologies. If you were outside the US, again, my apologies. I wish it were an easier process. Stay tuned to the forums for the beta tester's opinions of its performance. We've opened pre-ordering for non-beta testing if you wish to be first to receive a production unit, mid August, providing testing goes as expected.
All that we do involves our ears in a process we refer to as hearing. We've heard our world through the small appendages straddling our heads from the moment we popped out into the bright world. Over many years we've developed auditory memories of sound and relationships to sound that we rely upon in everyday life. And then, there's music. Music bypasses common barriers and goes directly to our emotional centers, irrespective of languages, culture or upbringings. We don't have to speak a particular tongue to get in the groove or for our toes to start tappin'. Music's just like that. But, how many of us actually listen to what we hear? We can let the music wash over us, or focus on details within each note. I know when my stereo system's just right. I stop listening, and just hear.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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