Have you ever noticed?

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Have you ever noticed how much better your car runs after you wash it?

Or how about how much better your audio system sounds after you've cleaned, dusted, and taken some time to groom the room?

Maybe I am the only one on this planet that feels this, but I suspect not.

Intellectually we know the actual performance of both is probably unchanged, yet our senses seem to tell us a different story. My theory on this is that whenever we use our emotions to measure something, our mood affects the outcome and we're more open to appreciating the good qualities of the experience. But if it's not technically improving anything, should we disregard our feelings?

Heck no! Let's remember that enjoying the magic of a high-end audio system is an emotional event, so setting the stage for success by cleaning up the room helps make the experience a better one. Nothing wrong with that.

I am not advocating a room cleaning, just reminding us that our emotional state affects our emotional experiences.

But if you were inclined to go give your system a little love ...... :)

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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