Hard Work

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Hard Work

The thing about hard work is that it’s only hard when you’re doing it. Once completed, and we take our much needed rest, that hard work lies behind us and we can now enjoy the fruits of our labor.

No work, no fruit.

This might seem obvious but it’s valuable to remember just how temporary hard work can be. This is because we find ourselves avoiding hard work and compromising instead. We know we could have better sound if only we’d dedicate a Saturday to reworking the system. We suspect a new piece of kit would elevate performance but going through the hard work of getting it in for evaluation takes effort. Easier to read someone else’s opinion.

Our nature is to put off that which takes effort until it’s absolutely necessary. The challenge is to figure out how to fight that lazy urge and get on with progressing forward.

It’s why we call it hard work.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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