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I have been reading novels on my Kindle as of late: my son won't consider it because he doesn't want to give up the tactile feel of a book. On the other hand, I can't enjoy a magazine or newspaper in electronic form - I require the physical medium.

A Paul's Post reader writes:

"And even though I am a computer geek, I must say that despite the audio quality, nothing gives me more enjoyment that sitting down with a cup of steaming coffee with the LP in my hands reading liner notes while listening... and I guess this applies to most of us, and certainly the alienation from the medium is one of the cause for which many audiophiles cannot cope with streaming music."

The tactile feel of medium and the experience we get when interfacing with it can be an important element in setting the mood for enjoying music. Scrolling through a giant library on your iPad has advantages that no physical library can offer, yet the same can be said of holding an album or CD in your hand.

I can envision a day when we have both, but it's a long way off.

My only comment to all of this is to make sure you're having fun and discovering and rediscovering all that your music library has to offer.

It just has to be fun and rewarding.

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